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The All-Creator is accessable through the Creator

Prayers are expressed needs of a person. Expressed needs with the purpose of letting the Omnipotence look at it.
A chance to get a righteous answer. Prayers are for the goodness of the speaker as well as the subject of the prayers itself.
Prayers. A conversation between a human and his God.

Praying toward a god, a lot of religions has a part or subjective approach in it. If you pray; problems of supernatural cause are being mentioned as well as daily needs. A prayer gives the person praying a chance of succes. a chance of relief from bad things.

On this page you find a selection of prayers. Use it as inspiration or let it guide you to a new religious point of view. May the Gods be with you. As is the Omnipotence the power i pray to.

All-Creator I give my life to You

All-Creator, I accept You as my saviour

Allcreator grant me the mercy to be in your kingdom.
Allcreator Give me protection against the bad forces in life

Give me a penitance for what i have done wrong.
Give me a penalty for the bad things i have done or planned to do.

Allcreator give me a mission or a task for me to fullfill.
I would want to be a citizen in your kingdom again, Oh Allcreator.

Allcreator, grant me the fullfilment of my wish as you would want it to be
Allcreator, See my wishes, see my needs, Grant thy light unto it

Give me food and shelter, Allcreator.

Allcreator, judge my life, judge my spirit.
Allcreator, see my life and my soul and may thy judge it.

The author asks humbly for your mercy and protection, as well as wisdom and prosperity
The author wishes for a good life and a good legacy of books containing wisdom
The author asks for a mission to have a usefull life
The author asks for readers, buyers of the paperbooks as well

As the devotion to give your life
as a living gift to the All-Creator.
As to become property or an instrument

Grant me long and good life
Grant me your support

As the prayer to surrender oneself
to the All-Creator
as it can feel as a jump into
a river. That you don't know
what will happen

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